Sluggy Stardust Angel Decoration


  • Image of Sluggy Stardust Angel Decoration

* Sluggy Stardust in angel form, perfect to hang on the Christmas tree!
* Pink leopard print squashy slug with pink glitter on white felt wings and gold lightening bolt under one eye
* Handstitched leatherette eyes
* Pink glittery lips
* Gold string loop
* Measures approximately 13cm long x 12cm wide
* 100% vegan


Image of Count Slugula Decoration
Count Slugula Decoration
Image of Captain Slugtastic Decoration
Captain Slugtastic Decoration
Image of Ziggy Slugdust
Ziggy Slugdust
Image of Slug Tooth Fairy
Slug Tooth Fairy
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NHS Nurse Slug
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Pocket Rocket Slug Tooth Fairy
Image of Sluggy Stardust
Sluggy Stardust
Image of  Celestial Slugette
Celestial Slugette
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