NHS Nurse Slug


  • Image of NHS Nurse Slug
  • Image of NHS Nurse Slug
  • Image of NHS Nurse Slug
  • Image of NHS Nurse Slug
  • Image of NHS Nurse Slug

* This slug is a small tribute to all the amazing NHS workers who are doing an absolutely amazing job right now (and always) looking after us all
* 20% of every sale will be donated to NHS Charities Together, supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients
* Whether you use it as a draft excluder or just a lovely buddy to hang out with on the sofa, it’s up to you!
* Blue body with white pleated facemask
* Hand stitched pleather eyes
* Little white felt nurses hat
* The Medium and Large slugs have detachable red leatherette NHS heart fob brooch
* Choose between these three sizes
- Large draught excluder size - 95cm
- Medium - 80cm
- Dinky - 25cm

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